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1988 Mark Whaleboat Example:

This is an example of a 1988 Mark 11 26' ex-Navy motor whaleboat hull #26MW8581; she is sailing on the Hudson River. This is a Mark 11 1988 26' ex-Navy whaleboat with a redone Perkins/Westerbeke 4-108 50 HP, 4-cylinder marine diesel engine, Paragon gear.

Custom Whaleboats – Holland American Custom Design, LLC
  • Dual Fuel Tanks 12 Gallons Each
  • Hull #26MW8581
  • The layout has a steering console on the starboard side.
  • Has new starter, raw water pump, hydraulic steering cylinder.
  • 24-volt electronics, navigation lights, compass, VHF radio.
  • Overall: 26' 1" Long x 8' 2" Wide
  • Height: 5' 3"
  • Weight: 6200 lbs.
  • HP 56
  • Cruise 7.5 Knots
  • Fuel 2x12 Gallons/45 Liters

26’ Custom Whaleboat

For Sale: Custom Built 26' Whaleboat

Custom Built 26' Mark 10 whaleboat hull, with custom aluminum floor joist with composite decking, custom aluminum engine compartment powered by a Perkins 1.408 diesel engine, Hurth transmission with a python drive and new bronze propeller, and a Refurbished Perkins engine, with new starter/water pump/alternator/engine mounts/wiring/instrumentation panel by Transatlantic Diesel.

Holland American Custom Design, LLC - Custom Whaleboats

For Sale: Mark 10 Whaleboat

1981 26 foot motor whaleboat, registration number 26MW807 built by Mason Boats LTD, Smiths Falls, ON, Canada, with a completely redone Volvo 2040 Hurth transmission/new starter/original wiring and dashboard, and complete bow dodger with canvas cover.

Whaleboat Restoration

Restoring Mark 10 Whaleboat

Restoring a mark 10 whaleboat, from removing all the paint to priming with total protect paint to installing new rub-rails and Volvo MD 2040 engine.


Buying Whaleboats:

We are all ways looking to buy your ex-Navy whaleboat or surfboat. If you have a running whaleboat or one that needs a complete restoration, give us a call.